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3DVIEWNIX 1.1 Library Reference Manual

Written By : Krishna Iyer

Welcome to the 3DVIEWNIX 1.1 Library Reference Manual!!

This manual is for all those adventurous people who want to start programming in 3DVIEWNIX! All the modules in 3DVIEWNIX are written using the library functions which are described in Chapter 3. All 3DVIEWNIX related mail should be sent to : Vhelp@mipg.upenn.edu. All bug reports should be sent to : Vbugs@mipg.upenn.edu.

o Introduction (aka Chapter 1)
o Guidelines On The Use Of Functions (aka Chapter 2)
o Detailed Description Of Library Functions (aka Chapter 3)
o Error Codes (aka Appendix A)
o Data Structures And Constants (aka Appendix B)
o Communication Files (aka Appendix C)
o Source Filenames (aka Appendix D)
o Sample Programs (aka Appendix E)
o 3DVIEWNIX Related Papers (aka Reference)

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