VSetScaleInformation - sets values of a multi-resolution scale.
  VSetScaleInformation(label, xloc, yloc, min, max, decimal, 
  char *label;
  int xloc, yloc;
  float min, max;
  int decimal;
  float frac_of_dial_width;
  VSetScaleInformation sets values of a multi-resolution scale. 
VSetScaleInformation sets the x,y location, min, max values, width and height 
and the decimal number for the scale specified by label. The maximum number of
scales allowed in 3DVIEWNIX is MAX_SCALES (defined in 3DVIEWNIX.PAR). If the 
scale width is less than the minimum requirement, VSetScaleInformation sets 
the scale width to -1 and returns an error code.
Return Value
  0 - work successfully.
  243 - scale is out of the window.
  245 - exceeds the maximum number of scales (MAX_SCALES).
  246 - scale width is greater than the width of the dialog window available.
  247 - scale width is too small to put minimum requirement.
  259 - scale information cannot be changed when it is displayed.
  label - the label of the scale.
  xloc, yloc - specifies the upper left coordinates of the specifed scale
        in pixels.
  min, max - the minimum and maximum values of the scale.
  decimal - the number of decimals that are used after the fraction point.
  frac_of_dial_width - fraction of the available dialog window width.
Side Effects
  If label is different from all that have been set, it occupies a new scale.
Entry Conditions
  If label is NULL, or xloc, yloc, or decimal is less than 0, or
frac_of_dial_width is less than 0 or greater than 1, or VOpenServer has not 
been called, VSetScaleInformation prints an error message to the standard 
error stream, produces a core dump file and exits from the current process.
Related Functions
VDisplayScale, VGetScaleInformation, VRemoveScale, VSelectScaleValue, VEraseScale, VGetScaleLayoutInformation.