VGetTextValue - returns the value of a given Text (Tablet) Item.
  VGetTextValue(ID, val)
  char *val;                            /*RETURNS upto 200 characters*/
  VGetTextValue returns the value of a given Text (Tablet) Item.
  typedef struct _text {
        Window  win;            /*window in which item resides*/
        GC      *gc;
        int     x,y;            /*location of upper-left corner of item*/
        int     w;              /*width of the total item area in fonts*/
        int     h;              /*height of the total item area in  PIXELS*/
        short   label_width;    /*width of label in pixels*/
        short   label_height;   /*height of label*/
        short   label_ascent;   /*ascent dimension of font*/
        short   label_x;        /*position of the label*/
        short   label_y;
        int     thick;          /*thickness of the frame of the item*/
        int     width;          /*current width of item in pixels*/
        int     fw,fh;          /*size of font*/
        char    label[150];     /*label of the text item*/
        char    value[200];     /*value of the text item*/
        int     pos;            /*pos indicates the index of the first VALUE*/
        int     state;          /*indicates if text item is OFF(0) or ON(1)*/
        int     mode;           /*text item is DISABLED(0) or ENABLED (1)*/
        int     (*func)();      /*notify procedure*/
        struct _text *next;     /*next text item*/
        XFontStruct *font_struct; /*Font used on the window*/
  } TEXT;
Return Value
  0 - work successfully.
  266 - invalid Text Item ID.
  269 - no Text Item found.
  271 - invalid Text Item value pointer.
  ID - ID of the given Text Item.
  val - character string in which value is returned.
Side Effects
Entry Conditions
  VCreateColormap must be called first.
Related Functions
VGetTextValueByLabel, VAddText, VCheckTextEvent, VSetTextOn.