VAddText - adds a new Text (Tablet) Item to the list.
  VAddText(win, x, y, width, label, value, proc, ID)
  Window win;
  int x, y, width;
  char *label;
  char *value;
  int (*proc)();
  TEXT **ID;                            /*RETURN*/
  VAddText adds a new Text (Tablet) Item to the list of tablets. VAddText
returns the Text to ID. The tablets created by VAddText are displayed
immediately and are active (will aceept mouse button and keyboard presses).
  typedef struct _text {
        Window  win;            /*window in which item resides*/
        GC      *gc;
        int     x,y;            /*location of upper-left corner of item*/
        int     w;              /*width of the total item area in fonts*/
        int     h;              /*height of the total item area in  PIXELS*/
        short   label_width;    /*width of label in pixels*/
        short   label_height;   /*height of label*/
        short   label_ascent;   /*ascent dimension of font*/
        short   label_x;        /*position of the label*/
        short   label_y;
        int     thick;          /*thickness of the frame of the item*/
        int     width;          /*current width of item in pixels*/
        int     fw,fh;          /*size of font*/
        char    label[150];     /*label of the text item*/
        char    value[200];     /*value of the text item*/
        int     pos;            /*pos indicates the index of the first VALUE*/
        int     state;          /*indicates if text item is OFF(0) or ON(1)*/
        int     mode;           /*text item is DISABLED(0) or ENABLED (1)*/
        int     (*func)();      /*notify procedure*/
        struct _text *next;     /*next text item*/
        XFontStruct *font_struct; /*Font used on the window*/
  } TEXT;
Return Value
  0 - work successfully.
  1 - memory allocation error.
  win - window containing the Text Item (any window).
  x,y - location of the Item within the window; if the location is not 
	within the window, the tablets are are not displayed but no error 
	is returned.
  width - maximum width of item (label+value) in font_width units.
  label - string representing the label of the Item.
  value - string representing the contents of the Item; this value is copied 
	  to the TEXT structure internally.
  proc - notify procedure(when "return" is hit); no parameters can be passed
	 to the procedure; if proc is NULL it is not executed but no error 
  ID - address of the Text Item ID; it is dynamically allocated. It is freed
       only when the tablet is destroyed (VDeleteText) or if the entire list
       of tablets is cleared from memory (VClearTextList).
Side Effects
Entry Conditions
Related Functions
VCheckTextEvent, VClearTextList, VDeleteText, VSetTextOff, VSetTextOn, VSetTextLoc, VSetTextValue, VGetTextIdbyValue.