VDrawColoredText - draws a text in a specific location.
  VDrawColoredText(win, gc, text, xloc, yloc)
  Window win;
  GC gc; 
  char *text;
  int xloc, yloc;
  VDrawColoredText draws a line of text in a specific location. 
VDrawColoredText draws the text in the color used for writing dialog message
(reserved color cell 5; pixel 251; see Appendix C for details). The GC that
is passed to an internal GC whose color is changed.
Return Value
  0 - work successfully.
  283 - could not draw text in the specified area.
  win - the ID of the window to draw the text.
  gc - the GC to be used to draw the same; if no GC is passed it is obtained
        from the window ID.
  text - the text to be drawn.
  xloc, yloc - the xloc,yloc of the text to be drawn.
Side Effects
Entry Conditions
  VCreateColormap must be called first.
Entry Conditions
  VCreateColormap should be called earlier,else VDrawColoredText prints an
error message to the standard error stream, produces a core dump file and
exits from the current process.
Related Functions
VDrawText, VDrawColoredCenteredText, VDisplayErrorMessage.