VDisplayInformation - displays the INFO window.
  VDisplayInformation(outside_files, num_outside_files)
  char outside_files[MAX_DEFAULT_FILES][20];
  int num_outside_files;
  VDisplayInformation displays the INFO window. VDisplayInformation
lists all the files in the file display area. The first file is highlighted
and the corresponding information is displayed in the information display
area. The list of files for which information is requested can be passed
from outside as a parameter. If it is not passed, VDisplayInformation
reads the list of files from GLOBAL.COM file.
Return Value
  0 - work successfully.
  1 - memory allocation error.
  284 - HELP window is currently displayed.
  285 - INFO window is currently displayed.
  286 - ANNOTATION mode is on.
  outside_files - the list of files which are to be displayed. If this is
        NULL, then the files are read from the GLOBAL.COM file.
  num_outside_files - the number of files that are passed from outside. If
        outside_files is NULL, then the number of files is computed from the
        GLOBAL.COM file.
Side Effects
  The contents of the image window may be destroyed. Events will be removed
from the queue.
Entry Conditions
  VCreateColormap should be called earlier, else VDisplayInformation prints
an error message to the standard error stream, produces a core dump file
and exits from the current process.
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