UPHS Research

List of Useful WWW Servers

The following Medical Imaging/Scientific Visualization resources are available via WWW:

Resources Inside U.S.

o Scientific Visualization
o Department of Radiology, PennState
o Department of Radiology, Indiana University
o Department of Radiology, University of Iowa
o Yale Medical Image Processing and Analysis Group (IPAG)
o UTA Magnetic Resonance Imaging Group
o Department of Radiology, UT Southwestern Medical Center
o Medical Informatics Group, Georgia Tech
o Center for Medical Imaging and Medical Informatics, University of Miami
o Magnetic Resonance Imaging Group, UT Arlington,
o Society of Nuclear Medicine, Computer and Instrumentation Council
o Medical Data Analysis Projects, Los Alamos National Lab
o CAMIS, Stanford University
o Medical Imaging Networked Consortium (MINC)
o Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
o National MR Facility at Madison
o Magnetic Metabolic Research Resource, UPenn
o Department of Radiology, Univ. of Washington
o 3D Reconstruction, NASA Ames Biocomputation Center

Resources Outside U.S.

o Centre of Medical Imaging Research, University of Leeds
o LARG*net, Univ. of Western Ontario
o Medical Informatics at Monash University
o PET Centre Image Database, Austin Hospital, Melbourne
o MRI Monkey Brain Data, Nihon University, Japan
o Neural and Multimedia Centre, Keio University, Japan

Medical Image Processing Group, Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania Health System

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