UPHS Research


Created by : Krishna Iyer and Supun Samarasekera

We have created some interesting movies in MPEG format from 3DVIEWNIX MV0 (Movie 0) format. In order to play these movies you will need a MPEG Decoder mpeg_play. If you have any questions about these movies, please send mail to dewey@mipg.upenn.edu.
o Fractured Foot (114645 bytes)
o Knee (55940 bytes)
o Skull in Motion (24213 bytes)
o Kinematics of Bone (25797 bytes)
o Kinematics of Bone 2 (68899 bytes)
o 3dviewnix Logo (Morphed) (268166 bytes)
o Range Data (81192 bytes)
o Skull Opening/Closing (110813 bytes)

Copyright, University of Pennsylvania
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