VCallProcess - makes a process run independently, either in the
foreground or background.
  VCallProcess(text, mode, hostname, directory, label)
  char *text;
  int mode;
  char *hostname;
  char *directory;
  char *label;
  VCallProcess makes a process run independently of the current process.
The processes can be run either in the foreground or in the background.
While a process is running independently in the foreground, it can be aborted
by pressing the right mouse button.
Return Value
  279 - dialog window message area was used.
  1 - memory allocation error.
  400 - could not execute the process.
  text - string containing the process to be executed.
  mode - execution mode; 0 - foreground; 1 - background.
  hostname - host in which process should run, default (NULL) is taken to
          be the "local" host.
  directory - directory used for the process, default (NULL) is the current
  label - string identifying the process. It is used in messages shown to the
Side Effects
  The standard output from a foreground process is displayed in the dialog
window. Events may be removed from the queue.
Entry Conditions
  VCreateColormap must be called first. The foreground process must frequently
write to standard output to allow aborting.
Related Functions