VCreateMargin - creates the top margin for a three-dimensional window.
  VCreateMargin(win, gc, marginlabel, xloc, yloc, width, height, click)
  Window win;
  GC gc;
  char *marginlabel;
  int xloc, yloc, width, height;
  MarginClickInfo *click;               /*RETURN*/
  VCreateMargin displays a caption bar for a three-dimensional window.
VCreateMargin also creates a click box in the margin and returns the
coordinates of the click point. VCreateMargin also accepts a label for the
  typedef struct {
        short x,y;              /*the top-left coordinate of Click button*/
        short width;            /*the width of the Click button*/
        short height;           /*the height of the Click button*/
  } MarginClickInfo;
Return Value
  0 - work successfully.
  280 - the click point was not specified.
  win - the ID of the window where the margin is drawn.
  gc - the GC to be used to draw the margin; if no GC is passed it is
        obtained from the window ID.
  marginlabel - the label to be displayed in the margin.
  xloc, yloc - the xloc,yloc of the margin with respect to the window.
        width,height - the width and height of the margin with respect to the
        window. If no height is specified, then a default height is assumed.
  click - the structure which is returned with the coordinates of the click
        point with respect to the window.
Side Effects
Entry Conditions
  VCreateColormap should be called earlier, else VCreateMargin prints an 
error message to the standard error stream, produces a core dump file and 
exits from the current process.
Related Functions